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About the CMS 1500 Medical Insurance Claim Form
It is the basis for all medical billing in the US. The format for the form is followed whether filing electronically or submitting paper claims. The most current version is the 02/12. The Version number is printed in the very bottom right corner of the claim form. It is most easily recognized by a bar code printed in black in the upper left corner of the form. The 02/12 version of the CMS 1500 form is REQUIRED for any Medicare/Medicaid and federally funded insurance programs. For that reason it has become the default medical insurance claim for virtually all medical insurance companies in the US.

For a picture of the current version (02/12) CMS 1500 Claim Form - Click HERE (In PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader - a free program. Click HERE if you need to install Reader).

For current CMS 1500 Billing Instructions in PDF format click HERE. (In PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader - a free program. Click HERE if you need to install Reader).

For current news concerning the CMS 1500 Claim form click HERE

ICD 10 Codes - For ICD 10 lookups click HERE.

CPT Codes - 5 FREE CPT lookups per day at the AMA (American Medical Association - they own the copyright of these codes). Click HERE, create an free account at AMA and look up 5 CPT per day FREE.

CPT Modifiers - Click HERE


Health Care Provider Taxonomy codes - Click HERE

Provider Characteristics Code Set - Click HERE

Condition Codes - Click HERE

NPI Lookup - Click HERE

Checklist to avoiding simple mistakes in completing CMS 1500 for Medicare Part B - Click HERE

List of Medicare carriers for the entire US - Click HERE.

List of Medicaid carriers for the entire US - Click HERE

List of Blue Cross/Blue Shield carriers for the entire US - Click HERE

Association links -  Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services      National Uniform Claim Committee

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